future friend/ships

by Keith Hennessy and Jassem Hindi

"Irony is about the tension of holding incompatible things together because both or all are necessary and true. Irony is about humor and serious play. It is also a rhetorical strategy and a political method."  - Donna Haraway

future friend/ships is made from oracles and puns and drones and childish dances.

Projecting oneself into the future is more often than not a privilege reserved to a happy few, and a way to reproduce sameness. future friend/ships casts a different kind of physical future fiction: we host the uninvited to conjure the curse. We are amateur oracles and oracle-making machines. We call upon fragments of raging poetry, broken machines, dying animals, and plastic flowers. We use arab future fiction and punk anxiety as excuses and models. We celebrate, among others, the poetry of Etel Adnan, Nazik al Malaika and Donna Haraway. The more we generate potential for transformation, the more we will be surprised by the future. Otherness hosts otherness.

Keith Hennessy and Jassem Hindi describe their work as poetic reaction to all the madness in the world and in themselves, as an anarchic-queer alternative discourse, which despite all of the fierce attacks it displays, is as much a magnificent declaration of love to a world as it could be.


"...Keith Hennessy and Jassem Hindi, proved both passionate and tender. In “future friend/ships,” the two stage a defiant, poetic/political work, inspired by events in Syria, that gradually transforms chaos into hope."  - The New York Times

A short trailer from a work-in-progress presentation of future friend/ships

About The Artists

Jassem Hindi (French / Palestinian, Born in Saudi Arabia, 81) is an artist based in Berlin playing with strange objects, future fiction and politics of hospitality. His usual materials are broken sounds, broken bodies and broken texts. In the recent past years he has been involved in a series of collectives and collective performances focusing on political strategies and weird objects in performance, using tools coming from real time composition, concrete music, future making poetry and politics of friendship. Jassem also gives workshops, both in philosophy and about sound in performance.  This past recent period he has collaborated, among others, with Keith Hennessy, Ida Larsen, Marie-Louise Stentebjerg, Ruairi Donovan, Hana Erdman, Rani Nair, Jeremy Wade, Valentina Desideri and Mia Habib. He is the recipient of several grants and residency programs, and has been / is supported by Norway, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, France, and the U.S.A. (CCN Belfort, Norwegian Arts Council, Nordic Culture Fund, Kampnagel Hamburg, EMS Stockholm, Ystad Arts Museum...)