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“Hennessy is that rare artist who succeeds in translating fierce social concerns into artistically satisfying creations that enlighten and entertain. Against all odds he believes in art's power to reassume its ritualistic and healing function.”
Rita Felciano, The San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Other artists take on serious subjects, but only Hennessy and his many collaborators... seem to get inside the experience and risk actually living it. It’s as if anthropology suddenly turned into a dangerous art form."
John WIlkins, KQED

“Hennessy's art, even when full of darkness, always feels deeply alive...”
Claudia La Rocco, ARTFORUM

"Keith Hennessy's stage presence burns; he ignites any subject he tackles. Sacred, violent, and compassionate impulses shape our everyday lives; it is through a genius like Hennessy, though, that we can confront the state of the human contradiction."
Katia Noyes, San Francisco Weekly

“Hennessy, who started his Bay Area career with the legendary Contraband, thinks deeply about the wounds in our society but he doesn’t go for band-aid approaches.”

"Mr. Hennessy, an impressive improviser with a wiry forcefulness and a decided charisma..."
The New York Times


Hi-Res Photos

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Blank Map
photos by Tasha Ceyan and Adee Roberson

future friend/ships 
photos by Anja Beutler

Sara (the smuggler)
photos by Robbie Sweeny and LissaIvy Tiegel

photos by Ian Douglas and Robbie Sweeny