The Pink Party


A community performance action directed by Keith Hennessy.

“Hope and optimism in the face of the present difficulty.”

The Pink Party is absurd and awkward beauty. The Pink Party is political street performance for 20 dancers in pink wedding and bridesmaid dresses, plus 1 small crane, and 3 or 4 circus artists. Inspired by the Pink Bloc at anti-corporate-globalization events in Europe, The Pink Party responded to the police murders of Carlo Giuliani in Genoa and Idriss Stelley in San Francisco, and provided a public context immediately after September 11, 2001, for affirming non-violent community and resistance.

The Pink Party is inspired by the pink that is queer, the pink that is under the layers of all skin, the pink that is baby girl, the pink that is bubblegum, the pink that is neither Black nor Red, neither Blue nor Green, i.e., the pink that has never been claimed by a nation, an army, a political party, or corporation.

The Pink Party appeared at In The Street Festival (2001), Cellspace, the Italian Consulate, and Dolores Park/911 Festival.