Touchy Subjects with Scott Wells & Dancers


Touchy Subjects is a dance by Keith Hennessy + Scott Wells created in collaboration with seven diverse and dynamic dancers, and produced by Scott Wells & Dancers. Keith told Scott that he didn’t like the “gay” joke in Wells’ dance. Scott said, “okay. let’s make a show.” Working together for the first time in 23 years, long-time Bay Area choreographers Hennessy and Wells ask: What political territories are exposed, broadened, or critiqued, through the simple act of two bodies in contact?
Duration: 70 minutes


Nov 4-13, 2016
Dance Mission Theater, San Francisco


Choreography by Scott Wells & Keith Hennessy
Created in collaboration with dancers: James Graham, Jose Abad, Kaitlin Guerin, Megan Lowe, Miriam Wolodarski, Sebastian Grubb, Shira Yaziv
Lights: Allen Willner
Set: Keith Hennessy
Produced by Scott Wells & Dancers
Performance photos: Robbie Sweeny



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This performance was supported in part by The Kenneth Rainin Foundation, The Zellerbach Family Fund, Grants for the Arts and the San Francisco Arts Commission