10th Anniversary of the War & Occupation of Iraq (I Tried To Stop The War)

A performance poem based on a protest chant spontaneously created by 30 or 40 mostly anarchists and witches during a protest against the first Gulf war, in February 1991. When AWOL (Artists and Writers Out Loud) asked me to perform at a rally "after the war", I scribbled it down and yelled it from a megaphone in front of SF City Hall. Then it was integrated into my solo performance, The King Is Dead (Long Live The King) which was presented in San Francisco and Auckland. In collaboration with Essex Hemphill (RIP), the text was edited slightly and then performed as a duet to benefit The Bastard Review at New College of California, later in 1991.  

Dedicated to the 200,000 Bay Areans who publicly protested the oil war.

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10th Anniversary of the War Against Iraq (Illegal Bride)

from the solo performance Chosen (2005).

(Performed in a re-purposed, long, white wedding gown with fetish details by Jack Davis, periodically drinking apple cider vinegar with a straw, gagging and drooling excessively, while standing on the fire escape of Dance Mission Theater in a piss and junk alley off 24th St. in San Francisco.)


A piss and vinegar letter in honor of the dead world citizens 

since September 11, 2001...

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